An Unfinished Basement Craft Room on a Budget

I took a couple of months off from blogging to finish a lot of open projects we had started.  My theory was that if I took a break from blogging, we could finish a million projects and that I’d have a ton of time to write.  Instead, we started more projects along the way… got some chickens, a cat… took up ballet.  Hmmph… simplicity isn’t our thing I guess. We try ; )


Amidst all of the chaos that is our normal life, I sought to find a secret hiding place in this house that was just for me.  During the blizzard, we got a little antsy and started asking ourselves how we could occupy our time- that’s when the craft room idea was born.  John and I were looking to get rid of clutter and decided that we could do without one of our basement storage areas.  I wanted a place to hide my permanent markers and NONwashable paints from the kids but still have them accessible for my spur of the moment crazy ideas that have to come to life right away.

The solution:  Creepy, musty unfinished laundry room in the basement.

Sounds lovely right?

Unfinished Basement

So here’s what went down.

We vacuumed up the cobwebs and donated almost everything in the storage area.   We gave the concrete a good scrub down.  It’s really crazy what kind of stuff accumulates when you have the space available to accumulate it.

We used leftover white paint on the cinder blocks and got a can of porch paint for the concrete floor.


John took down the upper cabinets that came with the space and put a 2×8 wood board across the top to open up the narrow space.  We stained the board with weathered gray stain that we put on everything- remember our coffee table?

Unfinished basement craft room
Unfinished basement craft room

I had a wire storage shelf that I covered with one of the old table tops that I had saved from a previous project.

My light fixture was $3.75 from a thrift store and it is super retro and I love it.  Sometimes I give it a little hug- emotionally.  While crafting, I look up and kind of smile at it.  You say creepy? I say … yes, creepy.  But it’s that great.


I had a room divider that we got out of the trash somewhere and repurposed.  I originally used it at my sister’s bridal shower but now it is a perfect way to hide the utilities in the unfinished space.


I stole the rug from Olivia’s room (it didn’t match her new board and batten anyway) and it made the space nice and cozy.

I went on Craigslist and found a $15 bookcase to store more bins of crafty treasures.  I sold one of our rocking chairs in storage to pay for it to stick to the budget.

John really helped to transform the space by putting up beadboard wainscoting on the ceiling.  The beadboard was given to us from our friend Moe, who was in the process of downsizing. What a great gift!!! We are grateful.

We brainstormed ways to tackle the unfinished wall.  Drywall would put us out of our budget which led us to shiplap.  John cut our leftover plywood sub-flooring into strips to make some shiplap.  Yes, shiplap in the basement!



His OCD tendencies struggled a bit with the uneven boards but I refused to let him re-cut.  I LOVED the subtle textures of the uneven boards.  I liked the vibe of the wall.  That’s a thing…  everyone talks about the vibes of their walls.  I tell myself that.  Put a feeling in every wall in your home and it will speak to you.

I put some fabric over an old bulletin board to make it pretty and threw all of my things on a folding table that doubles as a laundry folding space.  That was the idea anyway- I still fold laundry on the pingpong table.  I’m a creature of habit.


TA-DA “Cheapo Transformo”

Make something out of nothing!!!


dsc_0573 Unfinished Basement Craft room

It’s my happy place.

The breakdown of $100 went to 1 extra plywood board for the wall, additional wainscoting for the ceiling when we were just a little short, floor paint, and the board for the cabinets.

It may not be fancy- but it’s a perfect little momma cave for me to tinker away.







My name is Amanda and I love to write about my home and family. It's a little chaotic here sometimes but it's a beautiful kind of chaos, the kind where sticky little children giggle and scream and make fairy trails with glitter in the living room. I'm an RN, mother of three amazing girls, and the wife of the most hard working and loving husband, John. Follow the trail of glitter and sawdust and you might find us there.


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