Fireplace Facelift

When we first came through this home, the fireplace stuck out like a sore thumb.  I’m also not a stone fireplace kind of girl so the brass hit me extra hard.  At our old house, we just had a candle burning mantle so this was a big step up though!

We decided to paint to get rid of the brass.  Some fireplace frames can be unscrewed but ours could not.  We used Rustoleum High Heat Paint.  It is oil based.  Note that the directions specify not to do two coats.  It is so tempting but don’t do it! I tested a little spot and it got all splotchy.  Just lay it on nice and thick.

The mantle was a yellowish oak and didn’t fit into our color scheme so we painted it white.  We have plans to eventually add a heavier duty piece of wood there.







The fireplace facelift made a huge difference! I change my mind, I AM a stone fireplace kind of girl.  It’s cozy and inviting and the perfect place to roast marshmallows.



Fireplace - After

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