Harry Potter Bedroom Reveal

For the past two years, John and I have been focusing more and more on decluttering.  So for Christmas this year, we tried to think of ways we could cut down on random crap clutter with the kids.  Jocelyn was open to having a mini room makeover as her Christmas gift with a theme of her choice.  It took Jocelyn less than two seconds to pick a Harry Potter theme for her magical room transformation.  Hold onto your broomstick because your inner nerd is going to freak.

Here is her room before Christmas…

Before Harry Potter Bedroom Before Harry Potter Bedroom Transformation


We had so much fun brainstorming for her bedroom and it was so special planning it together.  Here is the magical transformation for our little Harry Potter Fan:


Red and Gold for Gryffindor


Jocelyn chose the Sherwin Williams color Alpaca for the walls. A DIY firebolt is suspended above her dresser with fishing line. It cost zero dollars- and might be my favorite thing in the room.  I made this out of a crape myrtle branch from the backyard and dead herbs from the garden. Hehe… Herbology in all its fine glory.  Wingardium Leviosa! … Um, don’t judge. Embrace your inner nerd, mmmkay?


Firebolt in the Harry Potter Bedroom


For her desk, we surrounded a quidditch poster with special pages from an old copy of the first book.  We had Lowes cut a piece of Plexiglass for us to set on top of everything.  They cut it for free!
Harry Potter Bedroom


A Hogwarts Admission Letter was a special touch. You can find the link for a free template here.


Quills, parchment paper, and a $4 gold Owl from Homegoods are perched on top.


DIY Harry Potter Desk


The collage was an assortment of free printables from various sources.  I’ll do my best to link to all of these amazing people out there that shared their art and made our little girl SO happy!  Scroll down for links. The frames were only $2 each from AC Moore!  Here’s a closer look:

Harry Potter Wall CollageHarry Potter Collage


Thank you Amazon for this amazing Gryffindor Throw! You can find it here.
Gryffindor Throw Tapestry


Remote Control Candles.  What?? Were these made for a HP fan?!?! No, probably not. BUT THEY’RE PERFECTION. We hung them from a cross stitch hoop spray painted gold. You can purchase them here.  Lumos!
Floating Candles for the Harry Potter Bedroom Floating Candles
Floating Candles
Floating Candles


I painted a piece of wood that we had laying around and plopped it down next to Hedwig.

Hedwig and Platform 9 3/4


This Hedwig lamp came from Walmart:


Owl lamp for a Harry Potter Room

We had this shelf in Olivia’s room that we didn’t need after we re-did her space.  It is the perfect little wand shelf.  Her time turner and snitch live here as well.

Harry Potter Accessories

We covered her chair cushion with the fabric of her choice and made a pillow out of the extra fabric.

Harry Potter Bedroom


I used a T-shirt transfer on the pillow for the spell.
Harry Potter Pillow


Jocelyn stuck wall decals on her closet doors, which can be purchased here.
Harry Potter Wall decals on the closet


The trunk is from Homegoods and I used a T-shirt transfer to iron on the Hogwarts crest.  Santa brought her this for her room, filled with the Hogwarts library, the throw and an owl.

DIY Harry Potter trunk for the bedroom


The duvet cover was only $26! Unfortunately, we were sent a King size one instead of a full- so we are sending this one back and getting a replacement.  The colors are spot on though!

Harry Potter Bedroom Makeover


Magic really happened right here in this room- the look on Jocelyn’s face was magical.  She enjoys her space so much! I was blown away when I handed her a paper and pencil and told her to write down her brainstorming list of what she would have in her room with the Harry Potter theme.  She fired away with so many awesome ideas- such a fluid transfer of creativity from her mind to her paper.  Kids don’t need Pinterest for inspiration- they are full of their own.  Truly inspiring to design a space with your kid.  It’s funny how simple things that my kids do are so meaningful to me. Too deep? “Riddikulus” maybe…  see what I did there? Thanks for stopping by!



WALL ART links:


Platform 9 3/4 ticket

Dumbledore Quote

The Daily Prophet

Hogwarts Crest

Gryffindor Crest

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  1. Amanda you never cease to amaze me…your creativity is brilliant. I love that you use accessories for your themes rather than paint the room, buy all the stuff to make it a theme room…you put your spin on it and “wow” everyone that has the pleasure to view your talents.
    I am in awe….
    Happy New Year

    1. Thank you for such thoughtful feedback. We had so much fun with this project! It brings back memories from when I loved HP as a kid. Happy New Year and many blessings for 2016!

  2. I can see you had a lot of fun with the Harry Potter theme. I am planning a Potter party for my son and am really enjoying getting into that as there is so much you can do with it. Thanks for sharing your ideas. I especially like the candle mobile and the floating broomstick. Wish I could have a Harry Potter themed room but I think my husband might object! Dee

    1. Hi! I’m super late in responding to your message- it’s time to start blogging again now that we have finished some projects here! To be honest- I was super jealous and wanted a HP room of my own after Jocelyn’s room was completed!

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