Our first home

The house on Kinship was to be our “starter home.” If I could do it all over again, I would nix the starter home concept and seek out the home with the best long term potential.  That being said, I’ve loved every step along this beautiful journey that brought us here to this point in our lives. I promise this is a happy story.  Don’t be fooled by my wistful homesickness.

We ping-ponged around that house without a solid plan and picked up some power tools along the way.  There were many successes and many fails.  Our learning curve was slippery.  The first weekend we moved in, we painted every surface in the house, including six closets and six rooms. We could not have done it without the help of our amazing friends, Adam, Katie and Steve.  I’m pretty sure Steve was passed out at this point…

2009 Painting party after several pizzas and beers.


Then, when John went to work, I ripped out the pink smelly carpet from the kitchen.  We painted the blue, metal cabinets white a few weeks later.  Here is the original kitchen, facelift kitchen, and final kitchen renovation. We missed our chalkboard door and farmhouse sink so much that we added them in our new home ( :



Living Room

In the living room, John and I added board and batten, laminate flooring, and some bookshelves around the window.  My dad helped me open the wall from the living room to the kitchen.  Between the furniture from our family and friends, additional furnishings were all yard sales and craigslist finds.  We furnished our home for under $1000.


Master Bedroom

The master bedroom got a little dramatic with some chocolate brown paint.  That’s the place you want a little drama, am I right?  Gurrrrllll. The master bedroom should always be the boldest place in your home.



The bathrooms were ALL bubblegum pink upstairs.   The master bathroom was speckled dark pink on light pink.  We spray painted fixtures and got new mirrors and ahem, said good bye to all that pink!



The girls’ rooms changed a couple of times.  The only pictures I have are the realtor listing photos (after we packed up all the life from the rooms).


Laundry Room

The laundry room got a simple facelift with some added shelves.  I added some peel and stick tiles and John painted it turquoise per order of the wife- OOPS. Mistake. Then, painted it a neutral beige to aid in relaxation amidst all that laundry. PSHH who am I kidding? Unless, you find drowning in piles and piles of laundry- there is no relaxation involved.



In the entryway, we added laminate flooring, new lighting, and painted our steps blue grey.  I made rug tiles out of a roll of sisal, hot glue, and outdoor fabric.


Front Yard

When we moved into that house, we barely knew how to work a drill.  We bought the house because we loved the yard and a good family friend gave us this bit of advice:  You can change a house but you can never really change your yard- awesome advice folks.  There will always be something special about our first place.  Thanks old house for five years of awesome memories!

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My name is Amanda and I love to write about my home and family. It's a little chaotic here sometimes but it's a beautiful kind of chaos, the kind where sticky little children giggle and scream and make fairy trails with glitter in the living room. I'm an RN, mother of three amazing girls, and the wife of the most hard working and loving husband, John. Follow the trail of glitter and sawdust and you might find us there.

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