The Evolution of the Stairs

Our entryway was a little tight on space.  I swooned over images of open foyers with strategically decorated entryway tables.  Our entryway had enough space to come in and take a sharp turn left or right… or if you missed your sharp turn you’re headed for the dining table.  We looked for ways to make this little space more welcoming.  We had an old brass boob light that was original to the house, linoleum flooring in the hallway, wrought iron railing, and saggy, dirty carpet on the stairs.  DSC_0400

Naturally, we thought to paint the stairs black and white and put peel and stick tiles in the hallway.  These were our baby steps… like the “oh snap the baby is tripping and falling down face first” kind of baby steps. Crash and burn. We stepped back and looked at our hard work and wondered… what happened??Painted stairs

Then I accidentally stepped in it and we had a good laugh.  My good mood was back and we got to thinking about all that leftover paint we had in the garage.  John mixed together white, gray, black, and turquoise. Which led us to a pretty shade of a pale minty aqua-ish color.DSC_0527

BAM. Suddenly I liked the contrast with the iron railing.  I made carpet tiles out of sisal runners intended to construct cat climbing structures.  I got a 25 ft roll for about $13.00.  I had some outdoor fabric leftover from another project and hot glued it to the edges to make carpet treads to prevent the kids from slipping around.  We updated the light fixture, installed laminate and painted the hallway.  DSC_0532

Ahhh The light, airy, welcoming feeling.  I think it is so important to create an entry space that reflects how you want your home to feel.  

My name is Amanda and I love to write about my home and family. It’s a little chaotic here sometimes but it’s a beautiful kind of chaos, the kind where sticky little children giggle and scream and make fairy trails with glitter in the living room. I’m an RN, mother of three amazing girls, and the wife of the most hard working and loving husband, John. Follow the trail of glitter and sawdust and you might find us there.


  1. I have seen most of John and Amanda’s work. It is amazing what they have accomplished. The kitchen is my favorite. I’m glad the purple glass bar is gone. Keep up the great work. Can’t wait to see what else you have planned!!!!!!!!!

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