Guide to Weekend English Courses in Singapore

Singapore offers a plethora of choices for individuals seeking to improve their English skills over the weekend. Being a vibrant hub with a mix of cultures, it provides several top-notch institutions dedicated to enhancing your English proficiency. Here’s a detailed guide to help you choose the best weekend English courses in Singapore.

Course Structure

A good weekend English course is structured to cover various aspects of the language:

  • Grammar: Essential for writing and speaking correctly
  • Vocabulary: Enhancing word bank for better expression
  • Conversation Practice: Real-life scenarios to practice speaking

Institutions Offering Weekend Courses

Several reputable schools and institutions in Singapore offer weekend English courses:

  • iWorld Learning: Known for tailored weekend programs
  • The Language Academy: Offers flexible timelines and experienced tutors
  • English Express: Known for small class sizes and personalized attention

Schedule and Duration

Weekend English courses typically fit within the following schedule:

  • Saturday and Sunday: Most courses offer 2-4 hour sessions
  • Duration: Courses usually run for 6 to 12 weeks
  • Timings: Morning and afternoon slots to suit various schedules

Cost of Courses

The cost of weekend English courses in Singapore varies depending on the institution and the course level:

  • Basic Level: $300 to $500 for a complete course
  • Intermediate Level: $500 to $700 for extended sessions
  • Advanced Level: $700 to $1000 for comprehensive training

Benefits of Weekend Courses

Opting for a weekend English course in Singapore comes with several advantages:

  • Flexibility: Convenient for working professionals and students
  • Intensive Learning: Focused sessions ensure faster learning
  • Networking: Opportunity to meet like-minded individuals

With such extensive options, choosing the right english course in Singapore can significantly boost your language skills. Evaluate the courses based on structure, schedule, cost, and personal needs to find the perfect fit for your weekend learning journey.

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